About Us


Haute Rebel was established in 2017 with inspiration from my own style that I wanted to share with others. I often get asked where I buy my clothing and while creating a blog to share my mix of shopping secrets, I wanted to be able to give a tangible item rather than share where I shop. I love being able to shop for other women to bring together a style to make them feel confident and encourage them to feel their best self. While trying to declare what my style exactly was, I kept coming up with contradictions. This is when Haute Rebel was created. The good girl that doesn't always follow the rules. A taste of edge. Why not look good while misbehaving? #HauteRebel stands for strong, independent women who own who they are. This is where classy meets disobedience.
I love nothing more than boutique shopping. The variety of brands and styles along with the relationships you make with the small business owners. I want to give that warm and inviting boutique feel all while remaining a virtual business.
I hope that when you wear a Haute Rebel piece you feel your best and your confidence shines through.
Thank you for shopping with me and believing in Haute Rebel!
Brianna Michelle, xo